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Rant About Passwords

on 26 August, 2014

Okay, I know that our lives are on the digital ether and it should be protected by passwords, but the sheer number of passwords between work and home that I use is reaching epidemic proportions!

A lot of software and websites now utilize the wonderful key chain type software to manage the myriad of passwords, but in a way, it makes it almost worse. If I set up an account and then have the system remember my password, when I move to another computer, I have no clue as to what the password is! Which then requires a password change and then the password from my saved keychain is incorrect and I have to start the process all over again!


Even worse, is the fact that not all websites have the same rules around passwords. Some are deceptively easy to create passwords – with pretty much no rules about the password to those who have a myriad of rules required. I have a few standard passwords that I use that usually meet the criteria of even the toughest requirements, but when you’re in a site trying to guess which password I used to establish the account, it would be nice to know the rules ahead of time. That way I don’t lock myself out of an account when all I needed to know is that the password needed to have a special character in it!

Of course, since I am older than dirt and have been around technology since before the sixth day, I occasionally stumble onto an very old account that didn’t require special rules for creating passwords. God help us all when we’re trying to remember a password from more than ten years ago. Add to the frustration is my early onset of Alzheimer’s and I am destined to be locked out of the account quickly.

Okay, I joke about the Alzheimer’s… but in my defense there is a more than likely chance that I will develop it… it really runs in my Father’s family. I shudder to think about remembering passwords then!

 And since I am in the technology field, I am often tasked with working on something that isn’t even my account and have to use someone else’s passwords. Really? Now in addition to the thousands of passwords that I have to remember, I get to remember other people’s passwords? Sigh.

Some days this is bad enough for me to throw my hands up and want to crawl back into bed. Leave this challenging technical world to the youngsters… those who have cut their teeth on technology. I just want to lay in bed and watch Netflix on my AppleTV… now what were those passwords again?



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