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Five Steps Forward, Only One Step Back.

on 22 August, 2014

Things continue to go well at the new job and I am catching on quicker than I thought I would. In fact, by the third day, I was actually doing some testing and have a fairly good grasp of the project(s) and how we work on them. My team is a little quiet as far as interacting goes, but everyone seems to do well with our boss,  just not with each other. Maybe they are just so busy that there isn’t time for idle chit chat.

Considering how well work is going, it was destined that something else would go wrong. My left knee (wasn’t that a movie with Daniel Day Lewis? Ha) has been giving me some major pain lately. About 5 weeks ago, I had a cortisone steroid injection into the knee and for about three weeks, I felt pretty good. I even recall at one point ‘sprinting’ up the stairs to the second floor to retrieve a quilt to give away. Felt good for a change to be able to walk without a limp.

Then, a sudden flare up. In fact, my primary doc (who I just happened to have a check up with) suggested that I probably overused it and re-injured or had a new injury to the knee. Of course, since I see an ortho doc, he didn’t want to intervene and suggested I see ortho for an expert opinion. Two days ago, I saw my ortho’s right hand doc and she is suggesting that it is just increasing injury to an already damaged knee. So, they have me down for physical therapy and taping, but that doesn’t help deal with the pain in the meantime. Its a different kind of ache, just a dull throbbing behind the knee cap that shoots up the thigh. Even my pain meds don’t help. I wish I’d had a shot of the x-rays, my left knee cap doesn’t even sit on top of the joint anymore… its a wonder I can walk at all. The surprise in the doctor’s voice was nothing short of startling when she showed me.

Its a serious catch-22 that has led me down a pretty egregious spiral. When the knees hurt, I tend to do less physical things and then because of the sedentary lifestyle, I tend to put on some weight. Didn’t help that at the turn of last year when I had to do the oral steroids that I packed on the pounds either. So, the more the knees hurt, the more I sit. And the more I sit, the more I pack on the weight. Sigh.

So, I sit here tonight, with my legs up on the ottoman with ice packs on both knees. Today I started the physical therapy exercises and I don’t know if it was the power of positive thinking, but for a little while, I felt pretty good. But by the end of the day, everything was just hurting again. Getting old sucks.




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