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Did I Die and Go To Heaven? Not Quite…

on 16 August, 2014

Wow. That one word just about sums it all up.

So, I started a new job last Friday. Now that I have put in a whole week, all I can think to say is “WOW!”.

I’ve been mentally writing and re-writing this post again and again in my head and I always come back to that one word: WOW!

Let’s see. Where can I start? How about, if someone were to ask me what my ideal job would be, I would have to reply this:

The perfect job would have me working in the medical field. I would have to be able to work on multiple platforms, but most important, it has to include Macs. And not just a passing glance with 30 people sharing a single computer, but one of my desk. To use all of the time.

Next? There has to be some autonomy. The more the better. Great tools, again, the more the better. Great people. A dedicated team of folks who believe in working well together to create a product that shines. No one plays the “blame game”, but rather identifies issues and comes up with solutions as a whole.

A project with good funding. No worrying that if the project doesn’t turn around in three months and be pulling in a 15% increase in review that the powers that be will pull the plug. A management that knows that it might take some time, talent and money to get things done right.

A company and an industry that is making strides in technology. And will be around a long time. And has been around a long time.

On a more personal note, a company that is flexible. Traffic is a mess and I don’t get to work on time? No big deal. Need to leave for a doctor’s appointment or sick kid? No problem. Have to run errands during lunch? Make up the time at the end of the day or the next. They need you to work late… bank those hours and use them later. No big deal.

A comfortable environment and relaxed dress codes. People who work well together. Look for ways to help one another (not stab each other in the back). Enough space to spread out and get into work mode. Muffins and cookies from the staff, just because. Who take time to get to know each other and understand each others perspectives.

And of course, the reason we all go to work: money.

That is my new company. The American Academy of Family Physicians. Do you ever worry about doctors going out of business? I think not.

Folks here are some of the best damned bunch of people that I have worked with. They have gone out of their way to make me feel welcomed and at home. Best boss that I have had in ! And if you know anything about me, you know that I have had the pleasure, the opportunity, the luck to work with some of the finest people in the country. Not to mention some of the most awesome companies.

Did I mention that I have one of the top of the line MacBooks sitting on my desk? I will also be testing on iPads and iPhones and Android devices. Yeah… Windows 7 and 8 and 8.1, too. 🙂

Cozy little office with natural lighting filtering from the window just behind me. No issues with turning out the lights above me either. Traffic from home to here takes me through a couple of the worst spots in the KC’s traffic patterns, so I have adjusted my schedule to come in early, and leave early to miss the rush hours. Had to go to my doctor’s office on Wednesday, so I left an hour early and stayed later the next day. Wasn’t a big deal to anyone.

By my third day, I had all the necessary programs installed and configured and was actually testing before the day was over. On my THIRD DAY. (Didn’t hurt that I have somewhat of a background and experience in the medical field.)

I have been assigned a pretty big project to work on next. Yep… all by myself (as QA). Spent a couple of hours with my developer and we’re on the same page and good to go.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.17.42 PMAnd as the cherry on top of the whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles atop 32 flavors of ice cream is my salary. I have made this before, but in California in the defense industry. Never came close here in Missouri/Kansas. I won’t tell you exactly what I’m making, but suffice it to say that coming over to this assignment netted me a very nice increase in pay. The only downside is that I know I will never play hookey without a really good reason… that’s just way to much money to blow off!

Oh, yeah, and this is a contract position, but if all goes well, it may go FTE (full time employee). The budget for this project is quite handsome, let me tell you. I am excited to the point where it is hard to sometimes sit still! I am so ready to get going!face_surprise_black_white_line_art_coloring_book_colouring-555px

This week has just flown by. And that’s both good and bad. So much to do and I am am anxious to get moving. But I have this thing in front of my preventing me from doing so: the weekend.




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