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on 23 July, 2014

Shame on me! With an absolute genuine desire of posting every day, as the year wears on I just seem to get less and less posted. On the other hand, things are very busy, and although that is not a good excuse, it is, at least, a valid explanation.

The new job continues to go well. I guess. Although it seems that there really isn’t enough work to go around to this team, my workload is significantly lighter than expected. I stumbled onto a self-assigned task, as a result of trying to learn and understand the website and how it works, that I started to notice that the user interface has some serious issues. So, I started to document the pages and issues and that was keeping quite nicely occupied for the last week or so. Unfortunately, my boss returned from her holiday today and when I went into talk to her about this, she informed me that the the website is due to be re-organized or re-designed (or a little of both), so any current documentation would be, essentially, a waste of time. Well, not exactly a total waste of time, as it has been useful as a learning tool and for helping me understand the process of what goes on here. It just won’t be useful in making changes to the existing site.

I’ve also started feeling really bad with regards to my knees and now since my health insurance will no longer pay for the hyalgan intra-articular injections that I’ve been receiving every six months or so from my ortho-doc. I figured it had to do with the price (which I thought was much higher than I was led to believe, but my doc believes that a negative study had been recently published that threw the effectiveness of the treatment into question. For me, it was the difference between walking normally and being able to navigate stairs without looking and feeling like a 70 year old. We’re give the cortisone steroid injections a shot (no pun intended) and so far, it has been effective in the left knee. I go back to see him again in three weeks and maybe I can get him to do the other one and maybe I can get a little relief. I do not understand his utter reluctance to perform the knee surgery that I believe would be so beneficial, something about how ‘young’ I am and how the replacements only last 10 to 15 years. Hell, if we did them right now, I could get relief up until my 70th birthday (or thereabouts) and then I think I’d be ready to sit down. I think I would be so much more happy being able to be ambulatory now and for the next ten or fifteen years, rather than waiting.

This, by the way, would be covered by my insurance. Go figure.

photo 2

Here’s a wonderful pic of my x-rays of the left knee… apparently that bright white under the knee joint is arthritis.

So, today marks about the 6 week point for me at this job. Here is the second shot of my plant:

photo 3

And here was the plant when I brought it into work:

photo 1I feel like it is very symbolic of my time here… I am learning (and growing) but it is slow and imperceptively difficult to see. But growth nonetheless!

Okay, I will try and do better about my posting. Yeah, yeah… I know, I’ve said it before. 🙂





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