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on 10 July, 2014

The Kid and I regularly play this game we call “Zombie Apocalypse”. It all centers around what would have to do to survive once most of the world’s population had been decimated and all that remained was a sparse population of humans and a whole heckuva lot of zombies.

The game is all about logistics and food and water and necessities as well as safe shelter. We often start a game when we see an interesting building or home, and one of us will quip “that building would be a good place to be during a zombie apocalypse and it will usually last for a few minutes up to a half hour, discussing the merits or disadvantages of just such a perceived fortress.

Which is why we were excited to watch the new ShowTime drama “The Leftovers”. Thus far, there have only been two episodes, but both were extremely disappointing. Well, at least to me and The Kid.

So, the premise is that on one day, 2% of the world’s population literally just disappeared. No death, no fire, no clothes or personal items left behind, the people were just gone. And since the show is centered on this fictitious town called Mapleton.


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