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If It Isn’t One Thing, It’s Another

on 10 July, 2014

I had one of the most frustrating days yesterday. It seemed like I couldn’t get anything to go right.

I know that doctors’ appointments come with waiting built-in, but yesterday just seemed worse than ever.

I’ve been seeing doctors for my migraines for years now, actually decades, but no matter how I try, I cannot seem to hit the perfect timing. My appointment was for 10:15, so I targeted hitting the office about 10 minutes before the appointment. Thank God, the traffic was a breeze, since I wasn’t joining rush hour traffic and actually ended up there about 15 minutes early. Got my check-in done lickity-split and then it was on to the waiting room to… do what else? Wait.

Nearly an hour before I was called to head back to the little exam rooms. Thank God (again) that its pain management and I didn’t have to get undressed and wear one of those little paper gowns that never seem to cover enough. But I spent another 45 minutes sitting in these little window-less rooms with nothing to read and no cell phone coverage, so I couldn’t even pass the time playing a game or cruising CraigsList or anything. Sigh.

Doc comes in, finally, and spends all of about 90 seconds with me. The standard neurological exam – follow his finger with my eyes, squeeze his hands, push against his hand with my hand and leg, and rate my pain. These appointments are primarily cursory as all I really am doing is getting my paper copy of prescriptions (since I take narcotics there are ZERO refills). I wanted to talk to him about upping the dose, since I’ve gone back to work, the pain has gotten worse and I am convinced it is a matter of being poisoned by the closed recirculation of toxic air in these high rise buildings combined with the carpeting and the paint and the ceiling tiles: all filed with carcinogenics. And don’t even get me started on florescent lighting. And staring at computers screens all day. Put it all together and it is any wonder why we ever manage to live past the age of 50.

Back to the story; I make my way out to the parking garage and head towards the exit. Unfortunately, something is going on at the SINGLE payment booth and no one is moving. I am about the fifth car in line and with at least that many, if not more, lining up behind me. NO ONE IS MOVING. This goes on about another thirty minutes and now its almost noon. I debate whether or not actually going into work is going to be beneficial at all. But I decide that since I am only at the 5 week mark, I should probably go in – at least I can get a solid four hours. And since I’ve already missed one day per week for the past two weeks, it might start looking like a dangerous precedent.

Day just kept going like that. Once I got to work, there were system outages and I couldn’t get to the page(s) I needed to do my job. Waiting…

Traffic on the way home seems heavier than usual. Waiting…

Almost home and need to get gas. Waiting…

Even once home, I call out to The Kid to come give his mommy a hug. Waiting…

One might think I should be a better wait-person. I just decided that I wasn’t going to do anything or go anywhere that I might end up waiting. Then it was just a matter of waiting until bed time. 🙂



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