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Binge Watching… What Next?

on 7 July, 2014

Have I mentioned how much I love my AppleTV and Netflix streaming? That, combined with HBOGO and a handful of other stations, has enabled me from having to watch any broadcast television. The real blessing, other than being able to pretty much watch whatever I want whenever I want, is that I no longer see any television commercials. (I also listen to NPR when I am driving, so no commercials there either.)

One of the things I love most about this setup is being able to watch series television one right after the other without having to wait a week (or more between seasons) and therefore can carry my own continuity of the shows. I think the only downside is fast forwarding through the intro and the ending credits.

I just finished up the first seven seasons of HBO’s ‘Nurse Jackie’. I had watched the show’s first two seasons the classic way years back and then had gotten off track and missed a couple of episodes. I won’t watch an episode if I have missed too (two) many episodes, I tried to wait until hiatus and then watch in reruns. But since my life is a bit unscheduled, I even missed that.

imagesThen Netflix announced that it had all of the seasons available and once more, I indulged in binge watching. Love that show… Edie Falco is an amazing actor, and it has really great writers and a cast of supporting characters. Definitely worth watching.

The bad thing is, once again, I am stuck trying to find something that I haven’t already seen. I have gone back and started to re-watch some movies and shows that I watched years ago, but I would rather try to get caught up with shows that I missed watching the first go ’round.

I think I spend nearly as much time looking for something to watch as I do actually watching! I hadn’t ever watched any of those CSI dramas, are they worth the time to watch? I think I didn’t watch the one with David Caruso, never was a fan and so avoided it. Never could remember which one was his, so I just avoided them all.

If you have a favorite series, please share. I have been thinking about starting a streaming discussion site, although I was part of one that seems to have gone bust. If you know of a good website, please let me know about that too.

In the meantime, I think I am going to watch the entire series of ‘The Outer Limits’… or maybe ‘The X-Files’.

Join me?



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