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Seems Siri Has a Sense of Humor

on 24 June, 2014

The Kid and I have had our iPhones for sometime, but this past weekend, we played around with the voice control. It was kind of fun to see how well it has improved over the years. Way back when I worked for Apple on the SCM team (then it was called “Happy Mac” because of the smiling little mac when you booted up the computer) the team was asked to assist in testing voice recognition. I still have the t-shirt from the experiment, aptly titled “I helped Apple wreck a nice beach.” Get it? It was how the computer translated “I helped recognized speech.” 🙂


So, we spent some time playing with Siri, asking her to open apps and play music and a myriad of things. She was pretty good. She even has a sense of humor. The Kid asked “What is the best phone” and Siri came back with a one word reply: “Seriously?”

photoWe both laughed our asses off. Way to go Apple… that has to be an easter egg. I meant to go online and find more associated with the iPhone, but of course, by the time we got home and completed everything that needed to be done, the thought of my iPhone and easter eggs were long gone.

I finally got around to bringing in a plant to my cubicle. It is a relatively young plant and have decided that once a week, I am going to post another photo and track progress. It might be fun to see how much (or how little) it grows from week to week.

Here is the starter pic:Fourth Week of June 2014

One more thing… this is what greeted me this morning as I prepared to head to work. I created a couple of bird feeders from tea cups and their saucers and hung them from short hooks in the front yard. My own little creation for the bird bath as well. And from the looks of things, the birds are enjoying 2If anyone has any kind of idea as to what I can do with that horrible TimeWarner box in the front yard, I’d love to hear it. We stacked the landscaping blocks around it to sort of hide it – although the back was left open as to be accessible to the TW guys. They had to remove part of it once and they never quite got it stacked back up right. I’d love to do something else, or at the very least, I’d like to plant some kind of vine that would cover the bricks. We have the same brick in front of the large picture window for continuity, but the evergreens that we planted pretty much have it camouflaged.

Ah, the price of technology.



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