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More Apologies

on 12 June, 2014

I started out the new year with the intention of posting daily, even if just a photo. That quickly turned into a few times a week, but lately, it has gone to once a week. And with starting the new job, its now gone to even less than that! Doh!

The new job goes well. Other than the change in terminology and a few tools, its a pretty straightforward QA gig. I am already working on my first test plan for Wyoming (we’re state based here) and I think its going to be good. I love my team, especially my manager, who is so laid back and difficult to rattle. Well, at least so far. She has been with this company for like – forever – and she knows everyone and understands the apps we’re working to the nth degree. The rest of the team is awesome and we’re about 50/50 on men versus women. A nice little mix. Because Kathy came up through the ranks, she gets what life is like for the folks down in the trenches. Like later today, we have a 2:00 meeting, but we’re going for ice cream (treated by my manager) first, so how cool is that?

We’re using thin clients here at the job, so there are little things that I have to figure out. Since I’ve not used this technology before, it will take a little getting used to, and there are some things that bug the crap out of me. For one, access to our OS is limited, and some things are limited more than others. For example, the client came with all the necessary applications already installed, complete with the shortcuts on the desktop. However, I prefer a clean desktop, but (and here’s where the limitations come in) I can’t delete them! I don’t have that kind of access. Seems a little over-reaching in the big brother department, but who knows, this might be able to be change in the future. Just gotta take some time to figure all this out.

So, since I am back at work, I can think about future options. I really, really, really would love to spend a few years in Europe, I just need to find a company that would consider supporting a VISA. It seems a bit of a catch-22, I really need to be in Europe to find a job, but I have to have a job to get to Europe! I am sure that there are ways to do it, I just have to figure them out.

So, back to the thin client, I haven’t been able to figure out how to upload pics or graphics to the blog, and I was hoping that this would be primarily a visual blog (and not too much text). So I might have to upload when I get home – I can after all still create and edit posts.DSCN2490

I have another photo of my African Violet. Even more blossoms. I just think it is so cool that this plant has simply exploded as a result of a bigger pot and better soil. Who knew?


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