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Change is Good. Right?

on 2 June, 2014

Why is it so difficult to make this change in my life? I have never been the one to be shy of change, I embrace it! I jokingly call my family gypsies, as we moved a LOT when I was a kid. I think that by the time I started high school, I had been to at least ten different schools. I kind of thought that when I grew up that I would be more inclined to find a spot and plant deep roots, but nope, it seems that I have taken on the same travelin’ spirit that my Dad had.

I think I am waiting on something or someone to make this decision for me. It has seemed in the past, that there were always subtle circumstances that, if not downright required a change, at least hinted strongly at one. And whether it be a job (or the chance of a job at a specific company) or the end of a job or relationship, there was always something that got me moving. It was almost like something divine that got me moving.

I had blamed the lack of change on waiting for The Kid to finish high school. But that has been almost a year now and I am no further in making any significant change. I had hoped that I would stumble onto the perfect opportunity, something that would send me back across the continent to the west coast, but alas, there has been no sightings on the horizon. I would love to even get the opportunity to go to Europe, but it seems one of those catch-22 situations that I so often find myself. No job to move, but difficult to find a job if I am not already there. And using the word ‘difficult’ seems downright laughable, as what I am talking about is next to impossible.

But serendipity might have kicked in this morning, as I realized that I have blown through my unemployment benefits. No extensions. Now I have to get really serious.

On a more fun side… The Kid helped his buddy John (whom I refer to as my other son) build a new computer. In return, he brought back the iMac that we had given him a BUNCH of years ago. It was iconic in its day and will be given a place of honor in the office (AKA the Mac museum). It is affectionately known as the ‘iLamp’ in this house and I spent many a day in front of it.

DSCN2465Oh and we turned one more person onto Macintosh computers. He is a lifetime user of Macs now.

A few posts back I posted a photo of a surprise violet bloom in my kitchen window. As I was taking the photo of the computer sitting on my kitchen counter, I noticed several more blooms. I am taking this as a positive sign for my future.

VioletsThese purple flowers, along with two job interviews tomorrow, are keeping me going in a positive forward direction. Wish me luck that something good happens!



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