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Today, It Is About Me

on 29 May, 2014

Last week The Kid got his hair cut. Since I have been not-so-quietly complaining about my hair, today was my turn to trim my tresses.

I’ve been through the long and short hairstyles all my life. When I was a little girl, kindergarten age, I wore a cute little pixie cut. I think my mother didn’t like to have to care for her children’s hair, the boys all used to sport crew cuts and I guess a pixie hairstyle was as close to a crew cut as a girl can get.

But when I started taking care of my own hair, I opted to grow it long. By the time I was fifteen, it was well past my thighs and could easily sit on it. It was impossible to care for, especially a young teenager. When I had the opportunity to get it cut, I jumped at the chance. I got the requisite Dorothy Hamil wedge cut. Well about my collar… it was short! In fact, many people didn’t recognize me at school on the following day, it was quite fun to see the response.

On and off over the years, I have grown it long and then been frustrated with the sheer volume of hair. In recent history, I have gotten my hair caught in the car door and in the window (trying to get the window up in the car when it was windy). I’ve gotten it in my food and my eyes and caught in zippers of jackets. I accidentally dipped it into open paint cans and almost caught it on fire. Enough was enough.

So today was my turn with the haircut. I had only two requirements: one, that it still be long enough to be put into a pony tail and two, that it was more than 10 inches so that I could donate to Locks of Love. The rest was in the hands of my trusty stylist.

Here is my “before” picture…

IMG_6351And here is the “After” photo.

IMG_0222That was 14″ that came off! When the cut was made, I could feel the weight come off… it was an amazing feeling! I can’t wait to break out the curling iron and get some fun curls going!

A quick little update on my strawberries… I went out to check on them and ended up harvesting about a pint or so!


This is pretty cool considering that this is just the second year for the plants, when everyone has told me that it takes through the third season before you can expect a good harvest. I think I will harvest about half and let the other half fall on the ground to hopefully start additional plants. Get the patch filled in well.

I also need to investigate about strawberry pests. I noticed in one berry a tiny round hole. When I carefully dissected the fruit, it turned out that there were two very tiny snails were helping themselves to the fruit. I’ve never seen snails so small in my life. They were the only ones I seen in the patch, so maybe this is an anomaly.


Ewww! Right?

Like I said, the other berries were fine and I cleaned them and served them over shortbread and they were delicious! I am so excited about having my vines be fruitful.

I’ll keep you posted about The Kid’s pumpkin patch.



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