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Not Always About Me

on 25 May, 2014

Yeah, so I know that this is a blog about re-examining my life now that I no longer have a child in school, but face it, how much of a parent’s life is really their own? I find more and more that my life is really centered around my son, even now that he’s an “adult”. LOL

I have been considering cutting off much of my hair – again – and while making general comments about it, The Kid announced that he was fed up with the length of his hair. A few times over the last couple of years, he has attempted to grow his hair long. Long enough to donate to Locks of Love. He gets irritated with his hair when it gets to that in-between stage – you know, when the hair is starting to get long but not long enough for a pony tail. It just seems to get in your way and your eyes when you’re trying to drive or work. And it requires brushing and care that he really doesn’t care to do either.

So, when I started talking about cutting my hair (mine is well below my waist) he announced that he, too, was ready to lose his locks.


So, here he is in his ‘before’ photo. (At least his hair is clean!). I am fairly certain that if I didn’t color my hair, this is what color mine would be too.

AfterAnd his “after” shot. Over the years and many haircuts, I am always amazed that following a haircut, he always looks older. When he was a toddler and now and every one in between. I cannot believe that my “baby” turns 19 next month!

I will be sure to post photos of my drastic cut that is scheduled for Thursday of this week. I have only two requirements: one, that it still be long enough for a pony tail (is is seriously aggravating to have my hair in my eyes while I am trying to work.. whatever I am doing) and two, that at least ten inches come off so that I can donated to Locks of Love. Although my hair is colored, the section that I will be donating hasn’t been colored for at least three years, so I think it is useable. This will be my third donation! Yes, my hair grows really fast.

Stop back by to see the photos. I might even have the Kid do a video. Ha… I hope this isn’t too traumatic!



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