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Sometimes I Wish I Were Small

on 22 May, 2014

Me and The Kid took a drive yesterday to pick up materials for the work we’ve been doing. It was a nice leisurely drive, took us about an hour southeast of the city. We ended up on some gravel roads way out in the boonies. As we started making our way back, we encountered this little guy slowly making his way across the road:

IMG_1525Of course we stopped the truck and assisted the little guy all the way across. Its kind of amazing sometimes, living in cities and “civilization” we kind of grow unaccustomed to wildlife… almost any kind of life other than us humans.


I seem to be a bit stuck these days. I gave some thought of “retiring” from the IT world and try my hand at something a bit more “creative”. The other day, the Kid and I were out and about and we saw the IKEA being constructed in Merriman. When we were in California, we used to go to the IKEA store all the time and did many projects using IKEA stuff as the starting point. Even the Kid’s built-in bunk bed system (I have GOT to find pictures of that) was started with two tall IKEA pantry cabinets. So, I thought, why not?

When I got home I applied online for the new store. At worst, I thought, I had 30 or so years of steady employment and I wrote a little song and dance and provided my creative website to give them an idea of what I could do and applied for the position of Store Interior Design and Visual Merchandising Co-worker. Now I don’t really know what that long string of words mean, but I assumed that it had to do with setting up the diaromas that they have all over the store showcasing merchandise. I am really good at that (I think so anyway) and thought it might be a less taxing environment than IT.

Well, much to my disappointment, I received the email two days back that said “thanks, but no thanks”. I don’t know why, really, that it bothered me. I suppose some of that invincibility that I’ve always had is getting worn out. On the other hand, I spent most of the day on telephone calls with a head-hunting firm out east that loves me (on paper anyway). We’re talking possibility of consulting back to Silicon Valley. My inside joke is that I would give my right leg to be back working in the bay area (I can’t give my right hand… I need it to do testing). Ha.

On a lighter side, the strawberries I planted last year have spread like wildfire. A few weeks back, the patch was covered in little white flowers which have been replaced with strawberries!

So, I am closing tonight on a positive point.







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