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Rain and Thunder and Lightning

on 27 April, 2014

Been a wet and windy weekend, all in all. Usually my favorite kinds of days, have I ever mentioned that thunderstorms are one of the few things that I had missed about the Midwest when I was living in California? And this is prime thunderstorm weather.

Not so good, though, for getting things done outside! We had a garage sale this weekend and I used the opportunity to introduce my line of doll furniture and accessories (see previous post). I had the peg board and two tables and two areas below the table set up so exquisitely to showcase my products and wouldn’t you know it, I got so involved in things that I totally forgot to take any photos. And before I could even think to take a break and maybe grab my camera, storm clouds have rolled in and we all had to make a mad dash to get everything moved into the garage before we got soaked. And of course, the garage was much too small and I couldn’t really get the intended effect being stuffed into one side of the garage, but all-in-all, I think I got a lot of good feedback from moms and daughters both. Ended up selling most of the beds, dressers and nightstands, and a sprinkling of doll clothes and food items. Got my first dollar to frame, ha!

Today, I have been having an emotional let down though. After weeks of getting prepared for the ‘unveiling’, I find myself without much to command my attention. Planned projects, for the most part, have been completed. Closets have been cleaned and organized, the attic space and the garage have been picked clean of clutter, as have the kitchen and the downstairs kitchenette. All that is left is to box and cart the leftovers from the garage sale to Good Will and I will have the proverbial “clean slate”. And I almost feel like I have the crafter’s equivalent to writer’s block.

I think I will just plan for an early night tonight and jump early into the job hunt. I suspect that crossing so many things off the list is the cosmos’ way of telling me that it is time to get back to work. Or something.



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