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Rainy Days and Dolls & Cupcakes

on 24 April, 2014

It can seem that time moves so slowly some days. But then you turn around and two months have passed. I know that when I finished my last contract, some time off was going to be required so that I could do some personal things that I had not had a chance to do. And now that I am actively job hunting, along with getting some critical work done for my fledgling side business, time seems to be rushing by. The days goes slowly but the time in general goes quickly. In conversation the other day I realized that nearly two months have passed since I finished that last contract. Say what?!


I have finished all of the available episodes of “Mad Men” (if you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I have been watching). I have to believe that the way they ended Season 6, it was with the knowledge that it was possible there wouldn’t be a seventh season. It was sorta an ending, yet, it could pick up and continue. All I do know is that I have run out of decent television to watch. I catch a good movie now and again, but I find two stinkers to every decent movie. And to find a really good movie? Its difficult to find good television.

Dolls and cupcakes URLHave been working on getting my fledgling business off the ground; Dolls & Cupcakes. I’ve stalled on the website since I don’t have access to SQL expertise that I formerly had and which would be critical to the sales portion of the website. So, I’ve switched over to working on inventory. I want to have the majority of my merchandise be handmade from creative folks, like me. And whenever possible, I want to avoid anything made in China and hopefully at least 80% made in the USA.

DSCN2394So, the Kid and I made a sales board and with a lot of effort and work, I have the initial batch of merchandise ready for sale. I am still trying to figure out the pricing structure – as with all things for sale, you have to balance the cost of the materials and the sales price. It needs to be low enough to invite people to buy yet high enough to make it profitable (and be able to continue sales).

DSCN2395This weekend, my neighborhood is having a garage sale. I’ve been collecting things for the past six months so that we can participate, but primarily so that I can do some test sales. I am hoping for some moms with daughters who are head-over-heels for those American Girl dolls, but want something of high quality but not the price tag that comes with the name brand stuff. Maybe provide some insight on what an average mom would be willing to pay – no, happy to pay for quality items for their daughters.

There are more items than this, that cannot be hung up on a peg board. I have furniture including beds and nightstands, stoves, a sink, dressers and clothing. And shoes. One must have shoes to complete the outfit (belts and socks on the board). I will have to set up a table to handle all this extra stuff.

The only problem is the weather… it is forecasted to rain – no, not rain but storm for the next five or six days. Really puts a damper on the spirit of the event. And people just don’t want to come out in this weather. Sigh.



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