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What Was the Original Intent of This Blog? Oh yeah…

on 13 April, 2014

…it was to figure out what I was going to do with the second (third? fourth?) act of my life. Now that my son is out of high school and I am not tied to any specific area, or state, or even country or continent for that matter, the question is what to do with the rest of my life.

I guess I am back here writing, as the job hunt is now starting to depress me, discourage me and in general, all around bumming me out. If only I could take what I love and be able to actually make a living, I think I could be happy. But my “hobbies” tend to be just that, not really a money making scenario. Well, I do make a little money, but not the kind I need to keep up my current lifestyle.

So, what is it that I “do” (that I love so much)? A little of everything. I talk about this on my other blog in detail. I quilt, decorate, paint, build, stain glass, sew, cook, bake and more. And of course, if I could do QA testing of the development that I like to do, I’d be happy doing that at half the salary I now command.

I need to find something that is rewarding, something that keeps my attention and demands me to be on my toes. The kind of work that excites me so that when I wake up on Monday morning, I am eager to get to work – not dreading the week ahead. But I also need to have something that stirs the creative juices and intrigues me, something that makes me leap out of the bed in the morning eager to get going. I haven’t felt that excitement in some time now.

I know that that perfect job is out there. It will just take time and a lot of looking. What’s that old saying? “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince”? I suppose it applies to finding the right job, too. Actually, it applies to anything that you’re looking for and want the right fit.


One thing I’ve been thinking about is transcription. The ‘Closed Captioning’ kind of transcription. Or even review of others’ work… you know, like ‘Closed Caption’ QA. I’ve been watching quite a bit of european television and with the accents in northern Europe, it can be tricky to understand the conversations. So, we’ve turned on closed captioning on the Apple TV, so now we see it for all the programs. And it can be comical to see some of the mistakes. And like I’ve been known to say, a good QA engineer is born not trained, so I see all of the mistakes. I wonder if there is such a position. I think I could do the transcription work too, after all I was a secretary in my life before QA and at one time even did medical transcription. I am more than set up here at home to do this type of work, and it might actually be fun. Just not sure how to get started… might have to do some sleuthing on this. If you’ve any ideas, please share?

Well, the weather has been amazingly crazy these last few days and I see that there are predicting a chance of snow! Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, the Kid and I spent working in the garage, and we had the garage doors up and the Kid even put on shorts. I think it hovered around the 80 degree mark. We started today with one hell of a thunderstorm – rain and thunder and wind. Wow! When we lived in Arizona and California, that was one of the few things I really missed. And there is a promise of more overnight. I sleep like the dead in this kind of weather.

Tomorrow is Monday and I need to put my shoulder to the grindstone and do some searching and networking and investigative work. Oh and I am very close to finishing some furniture, which will be detailed on my other blog (




2 responses to “What Was the Original Intent of This Blog? Oh yeah…

  1. Lots of us are in the same situation … enough to create a company!

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