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I Hate Job Hunting

on 11 April, 2014

performing-dog-1Can there be a more demeaning and humiliating blow to your ego than job hunting? I simply cannot fathom another way to humiliate yourself in front of people and then having them judge you like you’re some contestant in a dog show. And then for them to be able to add yet another chink in your armor by dismissing you.

And on top of all of that, you get to put yourself out there again and again and again hoping against hope that someone will deem you worthy enough to join them. There has got to be a better way!

But since it is Friday and it is turning out weather-wise to be a beautiful day, I guess I will just let it slide off my back while I indulge in some ice cream and kick back and try to enjoy the weekend.



2 responses to “I Hate Job Hunting

  1. missdisplaced says:

    I think the only thing more demeaning and humiliating is to work for a really crappy boss on a daily basis.
    Some job interviews ARE truly horrible, but some are ok, even if you don’t get the job. Think of them as practice. And remember, YOU are also interviewing THEM. Ask the hard questions.

    • MacCupcake says:

      I agree on all fronts! The trick I am finding, is to not let my frustration show through in an interview. I know that I have to see them as ‘gaining experience’ but frankly I am ready to be done with that part! Thanks for your comment!

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