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Thank Heavens for Netflix

on 1 April, 2014

I am under the staunch belief that I have watched every program and movie on Netflix and HBOGO. I’ve actually had to start re-watching some. If you’re looking for some really good programs and have some time, here are a couple that I recommend.

The Fall

First, Gillian Anderson stars (as a blonde!) in an eleven episode drama called “The Fall” from 2013. Oh and she has an Irish accent. But this was a really good series without a cliched ending. I won’t give you any spoilers, but this will leaving you wanting more. This is not your beloved Scully. 🙂

Top of the Lake

Another really great series (not sure it actually considered a ‘series’) but fantastic nonetheless is “Top of the Lake”. Also stars another favorite actress – this time Elisabeth Moss of “Mad Men” fame – as a detective in Australia. Lots of twists and and surprising turns like almost not being able to recognize Holly Hunter.


But moving on, to the thanks to Netflix, is the recent addition of “House, M.D.”.  When it was on television, I missed about a half dozen of the episodes and I figured I could catch up in reruns after the end of the first season. I goofed and missed them and it was all downhill from there. It has never shown up on Netflix or anywhere that I could watch it before. But when I got the email from Netflix this afternoon, it came just in the knick of time as I watched the last episode of “Top of the Lake”.

As I write, I am finishing the Episode 2 of the first season. I am, thus far, reasonably unimpressed at the pace of the show… I hope that this doesn’t turn out to the cliched “disease of the episode” type of show where House just happens to diagnose the most random and rare disease within the allotted 45 minutes.

If you’ve encountered any really good shows or movies, please feel free to share. Love to have options.



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