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Its The Little Things

on 19 March, 2014

I am trying to take a more positive attitude but it has been hard the last couple of days… I have been struggling with a low lying, dull throbbing ache in the back of my head. One of those headaches that doesn’t actually quite make the qualification of a migraine, but bigger than just a stress headache and no treatment that I try is actually helping. I’ve been trying to divert my attention by working on projects and such, but not having much luck.

Went outside for a while, to take photos of some quilts… beautiful light out there, although still on the cool side. Whenever we go into the backyard though, the neighbor puppies always come over to greet us. Two of them are Yorkies (or Yorkie combos) and the other is a miniature pinscher ( or some combo of) and there is a chorus of barking. I couldn’t resist snapping a photo or two:

Neighbor PuppyWe’re getting ready to plant a garden, I think we’re just doing pumpkins and tomatoes, but The Kid had picked out and saved a pumpkin all winter for its seeds. So, we finally got around to harvesting the seeds and then The Kid carved a happy face in the shell and set it out against our big tree in the backyard. Its kind of funny to see a “jack o’lantern” this far from Halloween… but that’s my kid.. weird sense of humor and all. I am sure a lucky mom.

DSCN2299Well, I am up to the final season of Six Feet Under and thanks to a little hint from my friend Kiki, there is apparently one helluva series’ finale coming up. So, going to put my feet up and watch a few more episodes and hope that relaxation is what does the trick.

The only problem then? Finding something else to watch. Suggestions anyone?



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