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True Detective – The End?

on 10 March, 2014

Okay, was anyone else as disappointed as I was with the final episode of True Detective? Even the death of Reggie LeDoux and DeWall was more satisfying and more rewarding as the killers of Dora Lange than the ending they gave us. Just my opinion. It seemed, much as I have discussed and thought about endings to favorite books, that nothing can really match your own imagination.


But the final episode – much awaited and anticipated – was lacking and disappointing.

Who was the Yellow King? Errol? I don’t buy it. There was so much more to the whole story than for it to be this bastard child. After all, it was supposed to go as high as the state government and the Tuttle ministries. I mean, those two men alone were involved in something before the ‘spaghetti monster with green ears’ was even born. Errol himself couldn’t have been much older than Dora herself and we all knew that that the men in the animal masks were around when Marie was just a toddler.

And we all were aware that Carcosa went back generations. And reached out in all directions. Touched so many people’s lives and – as Rust was so keen to describe it – this sprawl reached farther than just this half wit and his half-sister and back farther than his grandfather Mr. Sam.

This didn’t answer anything, just opened it all up for more questions. But we all know there is no return for the curious and inquisitive Rust and Marty.

Nope, this didn’t give us the answers, just the opposite. I’m sorry, but I felt cheated with this last episode.

Anyone else feel like I do?



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