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Another Viewing Obsession – Carnivále

on 8 March, 2014

I don’t know if I ever told you, but I am a casual television watcher. That is, I have to be doing something other than watching television when the television is on. (On a whole ‘nuther rant, are the sets still called “television” if I don’t watch broadcast programming?)

So, the television is often on in my house, even if I am busy cleaning, painting, cooking, writing, sewing, etc. and not really even watching. But every once in a while there is something I stumble upon that makes me sit down and look up from what ever I am doing and actually watch the program. Recently that has happened with Netflix’s House of Cards and then HBO’s True Detective (side note, tomorrow is the eighth and final episode in Season 1). But after carefully viewing not once, but twice (and sometimes more) and then discussion and dissection of both programs, I was left with what to watch next. These two productions are two of the finest series that I have ever watched!

I’ve been investigating the extra programming on my AppleTV, wanted to watch Crackle, but they are having some issue with signin/signons and apparently their customer service isn’t big on responding to online requests and emails. Sigh.

So, I spent some time watching PBS and their documentaries, but sometimes the real world is a bit of a bummer. Not a sports fan, much, and you can only watch so much YouTube before your eyes started to burn. So it was back to HBO GO.

Okay, I will start with this disclaimer: the shows that I talk about that I don’t particularly like? Doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them, just that they are not my cup of tea. If they are yours, power to you and you knock yourself out. You don’t have to admonish me or yell at me if we disagree. If you think you have something constructive to tell me, then I would love to hear from you.

Okay, first up on the watch list was Boardwalk Empire. I had high hopes for this once since I am – and have forever – been the biggest Steve Buscemi fan that there ever was. But after an episode and a half, I just couldn’t buy this guy as a tough guy and head of a mob type organization with that squeaky voice. And he just can’t pull off charming and disarming with that mug.

Okay, next up was Game of Thrones. Okay, I am a lover of fantasy set stories  (hee-yuge LoTR and The Hobbit movies) but just couldn’t get into another time frame where everyone is way too clean and clever and well-read and well-spoken given that just about no one was educated during those times. Sean Bean was a good temptation and I may go back when I’ve run out of stuff to watch again.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Kid loved this one, but I couldn’t get the seriously dry sense of humor (and I was a big Seinfeld fan). Next….

Extras. This one had potential but I can only take just so much of Ricky Gervais in a single sitting. He is funny, but he thinks he is funnier than he really is. Again, this one might warrant another viewing, just not so much of it in a row.

I will get back to the ones that didn’t pass muster (and some that do) so that I can talk about the one I’m watching now. Amazingly, I glanced at Carnivále and still opted to watch the first episode. And I am glad that I did.


Well written and had a nice story line (or three) when I expected to see a show taking advantage of misshapen and the unfortunate of the world. Instead it wove, sometimes very graphically, the tales of various folks thrown together by the necessity of the depression and the dust bowl and the tough times people found themselves in with a nice side of the occult. I am currently in the middle of Season 2, which I found out at the end of the first season that there is but only one more season. Sigh. Shortly I will be back to the search for yet another series to satisfy my entertainment needs.

Come back for more discussion (and join the discussion in the comments) to include some, but not limited to: Family Tree, Five Days, Getting On, Girls, in Treatment, Little Britain and Little Britain USA, Newsroom, Sopranos, and VEEP.

And I am not ruling out another viewing of either (or both) True Detective and House of Cards.



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