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If I Knew You Were Coming… I’d Have Baked A Cake

on 5 February, 2014

Its kind of funny, but I have always said that my mother taught me a very valuable lesson in how to be a parent. Think of everything she did and do the exact opposite.

That might seem kind of harsh but its mostly true. I was never close to my mother, none of us kids were. So much so that growing up, I had felt that having kids was the last thing I ever wanted to do. I even married a man who already had kids so that it wouldn’t be an issue.

Of course, when I got older, I did change my mind and eventually my son would come into this world and become my whole world. He is still, as a teenager, my best friend. We do so much together. Tonight, after dinner, we decided to bake a cake. In fact, he baked the cake and I made his favorite butter cream frosting.

DSCN2050That investment is still paying off…



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