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“Good night, Mr. Walters!”

on 3 February, 2014

Me and The Kid have been watching DVDs of the old television series… currently we’re watching “Taxi” from the late 70’s through the early 80’s. Its really entertaining to watch the actors in their early days. And the fashions! The Kid has been getting his kicks from seeing the wide lapels, the big ties and the “elephant” bell bottomed jeans. Oh and not to mention the leisure suits and spandex outfits. The big hair and little Danny DeVito.81aWznW31FL._SL1418_

The only downside is this is that it is only available on DVD from Netflix and some of them aren’t arriving in the best shape… having to watch it with skips and hangs and blotchy audio is a bit maddening. That coupled with the fact that I get one DVD at a time, which has about 5 to 6 episodes is making this a drawn out process. Like tonight, we had a DVD in tonight’s mail, so we sit down to play it while having dinner. Then poof! we’re done. And it will be another couple of days before we get the next one.

Whew! I enjoy hanging out with The Kid watching old television shows. What a great way to spend my evenings! Now the thing is that we have to come up with the next series before we run out of this one. Ideas? I’d be interested in hearing!




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