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House of Cards and Product Placement

Now that I’ve seen both seasons (actually watched both season twice) of House of Cards on Netflix, I seem to be miles ahead of anyone I know who has been watching. Makes it tough to discuss the plots lines and stories when so many would be disappointed to hear spoilers.

So, I will not spoil anything for anyone. Instead, after seeing a fun mention of just how many Apple devices were seen during the two seasons, I thought it would be fun to do more than product placement watch for more than just Apple, so this morning I’ve again started watching Season 1 just for product placement.

Here is from just the first episode in order as I saw them:

CocaCola and Dansani




Vera Wang Reference


Now, there were three shots that I caught that I either didn’t recognize or the labels were obscured or missing. In this one, I recognize that brand of water, but it almost looks as if the label was removed. Did the company not cough up the bucks for placement?

Unknown Water

Again, this one isn’t immediately recognizable and I asked my 19 year old game playing son… he has just about every gaming system there has ever been but he doesn’t recognize this one. And it wasn’t obvious the game console. Gamers?

Unknown Game

And the third sighting… I have to admit that I am from the Apple camp so I didn’t recognize this, but neither did the Kid who does carry an Android tablet. Is there not recognizable front branding?

Unknown Mobile Device

Like I said, this was just from Season 1: Episode 1.

The Kid and I have been doing this for a while, we’ve sort of turned it into a game where the first one to recognize or spot a product placement shouts it out. You get a point. 🙂

There are lots of opportunities these days. How else do the advertisers get around streaming and DVR and cable and DVDs where people are intentionally trying to avoid advertising and commercials?

Its kind of a fun game. Wanna play?

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Season Two: House of Cards

I’ve spent much of the past two weeks working: at work learning some new technologies and reports testing, as well as working at home: the ‘dolls & cupcakes’ website and the inventory as well as some new projects.

But the thing that has really been taking up my time is the Netflix original series “House of Cards”. Knowing that the entire second season was going to be available on Friday, February 13th, I was determined to re-watch the first season before watching the next. And as I re-watched, I realized just how much I missed or had forgotten about it. Some episodes I watched again and then re-watched a second time, it was amazing how much nuance there is in this series… it is absolutely, hands down the very best writing and acting in a series.

Since February 14th, I have seen the second season twice. In its entirety, one right after another. And I have started watching it a third time. Again, amazing writing and the story is absolutely the best.

I won’t offer any spoilers, but they have left things open ended, setting things up for a third season. I may explode thinking that a third season is a WHOLE YEAR AWAY!

House-of-Cards-Season-2-Poster.jpgWould love to hear of any fans who wish to discuss the series.

Oh, and I am thinking about starting another blog talking about subliminal advertising and product placement in television and movies. I have seen some over the top product placement in this particular series – did you see the Lowe’s parking lot scene? – but wondered if anyone else caught the Coca-Cola’s and Apple product placements?

Happy watching!

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If I Knew You Were Coming… I’d Have Baked A Cake

Its kind of funny, but I have always said that my mother taught me a very valuable lesson in how to be a parent. Think of everything she did and do the exact opposite.

That might seem kind of harsh but its mostly true. I was never close to my mother, none of us kids were. So much so that growing up, I had felt that having kids was the last thing I ever wanted to do. I even married a man who already had kids so that it wouldn’t be an issue.

Of course, when I got older, I did change my mind and eventually my son would come into this world and become my whole world. He is still, as a teenager, my best friend. We do so much together. Tonight, after dinner, we decided to bake a cake. In fact, he baked the cake and I made his favorite butter cream frosting.

DSCN2050That investment is still paying off…


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“Good night, Mr. Walters!”

Me and The Kid have been watching DVDs of the old television series… currently we’re watching “Taxi” from the late 70’s through the early 80’s. Its really entertaining to watch the actors in their early days. And the fashions! The Kid has been getting his kicks from seeing the wide lapels, the big ties and the “elephant” bell bottomed jeans. Oh and not to mention the leisure suits and spandex outfits. The big hair and little Danny DeVito.81aWznW31FL._SL1418_

The only downside is this is that it is only available on DVD from Netflix and some of them aren’t arriving in the best shape… having to watch it with skips and hangs and blotchy audio is a bit maddening. That coupled with the fact that I get one DVD at a time, which has about 5 to 6 episodes is making this a drawn out process. Like tonight, we had a DVD in tonight’s mail, so we sit down to play it while having dinner. Then poof! we’re done. And it will be another couple of days before we get the next one.

Whew! I enjoy hanging out with The Kid watching old television shows. What a great way to spend my evenings! Now the thing is that we have to come up with the next series before we run out of this one. Ideas? I’d be interested in hearing!



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