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Nerf Guns are Addictive!

on 30 January, 2014

A few years ago, I got lucky with an online coupon that the company didn’t realize could be used to buy packages of Nerf darts essentially for free or for just a few pennies. And the office I was apart of was very much in favor of playing with Nerf guns. When certain stores ran special deals on the actual guns, we were able to get those for just a little more than a dollar. I made sure that the entire office – the developers, the DBAs, the creative team, management and of course, the QA team – was outfitted with at least one gun and a buttload of darts.

And on occasion, the entire team would let loose. Man, would we have fun. I miss those days and that camaraderie. I have never worked with and known a better group of people. You know who you are (if you’re reading this). I doubt that I will ever know or be a part of a group like that one.

Nerf T-Shirt

I saw this t-shirt for sale on a website today and all those memories came flooding back to me. And I knew instantly what today’s post would be about. Oh, and I placed my order for the t-shirt too.



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