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Can You Say “OCD”?

on 16 January, 2014

Hi y’all 🙂

So, just a quick post as things seem to be incredibly busy as of late. But I had enough time today to take a short break and indulge in my favorite candy: milk chocolate M&Ms. I try not to buy large quantities, as I could just sit and each them by the handful ’til they were gone, so occasionally, I will buy a small package from the vending machine at work.

But I realized as I began to eat them, that I instinctively do this when I eat M&Ms… I sort them by color and then eat from each group until enough has been eaten that there is an equal amount of each color left. Then I will eat them in groups of two of different colors until they’re gone.

Sixteenth of JanuaryIs that weird? Do you have a unique way of eating M&Ms? I’d love to hear that this isn’t all that out of the ordinary.



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