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A Hearth and Home

on 12 January, 2014

One of the best things that happened when we left California and moved to Missouri was the result of how much house our money afforded us here. We found a pretty new subdivision, working on their second phase and stumbled across the house with a great layout but found out there was another with the same floorplan, only with a walkout basement, under construction. It was on the edge of a beautiful, sown-with-wild-flowers with a little pond and on the edge of the entire subdivision, which gave it more privacy and no backyard neighbors.

Being currently under construction, we were able to make a few changes to the layout and pick some of our own flooring and paint colors and we got the same crew that built the house to finish the basement. Very nice. We took the first year off and that was our hobby, to finish the house the way we wanted. Well, the way I wanted. šŸ™‚ And I had definite ideas of how I wanted it finished.

Tenth of JanuarySo, first off, here are photos of the front and back and the yards. We’ve not done a whole lot, planted the three trees in the front yard and about 20 in the backyard. Front got two oaks and a Japanese maple. In the back, I experimented by buying seedlings from Missouri Department of Forestry… started with 24 tiny little trees and managed to get 20 of them in the ground and growing. Our neighbors to the west of us put in a pool and as much as I love the idea, I didn’t want to have to see it whenever we were in the backyard. It has created a nice little visual break.

Eleventh of January Twelveth of January

I have a strawberry patch, planted last summer and the first harvests weren’t anything to write home about. I am hoping that the second year does better. They are in a protected place under the second deck and already look like they are trying to make their spring comeback. I think its a bit early though.

January StraweberriesMy hope for this spring is to replace the deck with something a bit larger, connect the two smaller decks and add new steps. I need to do a better job of keeping the wood protected, the current set of steps seem to have rotted through in less than two years. šŸ˜¦

January 2014The first thing planned, however, is to plant a tree in memorial of our recently passed dog, Ashla. We have her ashes and we plan to put them and her dog tags under the new tree. I am trying to pick the perfect tree and spot in the yard for it.

This is the front entrance. Looks a little depressing, but am hoping that the little evergreen grows quickly. I’d like to paint the door a bright red or robin’s egg blue.

January 2014This is a view from the kitchen deck. Obviously that lush meadow and pond has been replaced with little cookie-cutter houses. Not exactly my choice, but then again, I didn’t have a choice.January 2014Another view of the in the other direction, the yard extends all the way to the edge of the neighbor’s fence. I am leaning towards that corner for our puppy’s memorial tree.

January 2014Here’s a shot of the back of the house from that corner… you can see that there is lots of room in the backyard and it looks a little sparse. We did have a garden one year, we raised pumpkins. We have grown vegetables on the back deck in large pots, last year the Kid grew peppers. We’re thinking tomatoes this year. And our strawberries of course.

January 2014MacCupcake


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