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Just Another Arctic Vortex Pic

on 9 January, 2014

So it must be climate change, right? I gauge the coldness of winters based on how much – or how little – that I get to drive my sports car. You see when I moved from California to Missouri, I brought my little Mazda Miata convertible with me. By the second week of winter here, I realized that little car was not going to cut it here. So I traded it off on my very first SUV, my first vehicle with more than two doors. Evah!

Well, it didn’t take long before I pined for my drive-too-fast, wind-in-my-hair, and music-turned-to-the-max sports car, so I went out and bought me a Mazda RX-8. Fire engine red. Looks like its driving faster than it is… I LOVE it!

Unfortunately, it is rear-wheel drive, so if it even looks like it is going to rain or be icy, he has to be garaged. Its okay, though, I still have my SUV. Well, last winter, I recalled being able to drive the car almost all winter long… put at least three thousand extra miles last winter. This winter? So far, he’s been in the garage more than he has been out.

Here’s what the Arctic vortex looks like in Missouri early in the evening:

Ninth of JanuaryAnd until that road is clear of snow, the “8” isn’t going anywhere.

(I really moved here from Silicon Valley?!)



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