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My Favorite Room in the House

on 8 January, 2014

Well, to be truthful, I LOVE my whole house. It is a culmination of many years of dreaming, planning and designing. And luck. I will slowly reveal my house through this blog.

So, when I built my house, I decided that the last thing I needed was a formal dining room. Who does that anymore? I don’t really entertain and I want a reason NOT to have to host my family. Ha. But really, I wanted a central home office for everything so that it wasn’t strewn here and there. And, because when the Kid was young, he wasn’t allowed to have a computer, television or gaming systems in his room. His bedroom was for studying and sleeping.

So, I change the configuration, filled in the walls and added paneled french doors, semi-custom cabinets and then laid 24″ marble tiles. Its been a work in progress, but I have been collecting computers and peripherals, and computer company swag and all kinds of ‘stuff’ and this is the perfect place to keep it all together.

Eighth of JanuaryThere’s another side of the room that doesn’t show in the photos, with another desktop. Actually in the photo above, there is two more computers that you can’t see. I’ve got them packed in there. Oh, and there is one of my favorites from my past on top of the cabinet (my Mac ‘cube’).

I’ve tried to carve out a spot for reading or relaxing as well, although this chair tends to just be a place for things to collect. You’re seeing it in a moment of tidiness. 🙂

2014-01-08 20.41.46The cool thing about this room? Me and the Kid both love to hang out in this room! With enough extra computers, we can always watch Netflix as well. Love this room!

Here’s a fun little panorama photo I took… I realize that you really can’t see much detail but what the heck.




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