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When It Is Cold Outside

on 5 January, 2014

Ah, Sunday. And it will be back to work tomorrow as usual. No more time off now for a while. Although some of the time off was for surgery, it was still a nice change of pace. But, as it always does, we go back to the old, usual routine.

It has been cold as ever here in the midwest. Some snow this past week, but the temperatures are what really hit you. Tonight’s low is supposed to be in the negative double digits. Sheesh… so much for climate change.

Anyway, my picture today is of my little indoor garden. I never intend to let it get to be this much, but I seem to have a very green thumb and plants grow regardless of how I take (or not take) care of them! And on cold, blistery winter days, nothing like lots of green hanging plants to make you feel just a little less cold.

Fifth of JanuaryIts a bit hard to get a really good photo with the contrast of all that very bright, white snow outside. But trust me, this has becoming quite the little jungle in the alcove off of the kitchen.

And I feel just a little bit warmer with the green around me.



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