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Whoops… But I Never Said ‘Everyday’ (Did I)?

on 4 January, 2014

I think the original intent was to try and post a photo a day, but some days seem so intense that there just doesn’t seem to be time. Isn’t that good? Yeah, usually. I love my life when it is just like this. Bumps and all.

So, today, here are my pictures. I was supposed to be relaxing and recuperating from my surgery last Thursday, and for the most part I was. I had a solid 12 hours of sleep last night and feel so much like myself again. In an attempt to thwart the boredom that always sets in, I thought a quick trip to a couple of thrift stores might be in order. I’m doing this little ‘faux stained glass thing’ lately (you can check it out on my other blog) but somehow that got turned into some abandoned house hunting.

Me and the Kid headed north, hoping to run into some new shops. (The Kid is hot into old video console games.) We ended up in Excelsior and then north of that. Nothing much up that way, so along the way, the Kid turned it into abandoned house hunting. A quick glance in the back of the Tribute and he saw that we had our little ‘kit’.

First up, here is our running-around-town car. Er, truck. He was purchased after the first winter season here in the glorious midwest when I realized that my fresh-from-California Mazda Miata was going to cut in in the snow and ice. 😦

Third of JanuaryHe’s a 2005 Mazda Tribute (same thing as a Ford Escape) and he has been tough as nails and still going strong after 9 winters in Missouri. He has a couple of bumps and bruises courtesy of the Kid learning to drive, but that’s okay. I figure that once this winter is behind us, we’ll get him some body work and new seals for the doors. Otherwise, he is in great shape.

Oh, and yeah, the car is a ‘guy’. And his name is Joe, named after the brand-spanking new salesman who sold him to me. (Went back and bought a Mazda RX-8 from the same sales guy, I liked him that much!)

So, back to the story. Just about the time I was thinking we weren’t going to stumble across anything (that happened not long ago when he dared crossed the state line and drove for hours and hours in Kansas) we turned a corner and there was this beauty.

Fourth of January

We had to park way back near the road and climb a gate and walk up a winding road, but it was an awesome old house. Most of the doors and lots of the windows were broken and ice and snow and many vines had taken refuge in the house, but there was still much to explore. We managed to find a couple of old exquisite grate covers that fell out of their housing, but not much else. There was a dual drain boarded cast iron sink in the kitchen – that had we not just picked up the exact same one from Craigslist a couple of weeks back – would have been mine.

A great day with decent weather and some activity was just what was needed. Now we’re back home and warm and tucked in for a night of Netflix. Thanks for stopping by.



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