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R.I.P. – Ashla Maria Antoinette

on 25 December, 2013


Photo Challenge Day 2: An Animal

Photo Challenge Day 2: An Animal

photo photo photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 DSCN1917On Monday evening, my sweet little girl slipped peacefully away cuddled in my arms with her boy close by. After bravely battling diabetes for the past two and a half year, she lost her fight as her kidneys stopped functioning. She was the light of our lives and always was happy to engage us when we arrived home. She slept with me in my bed, often tucked under the covers and always had at least one foot touching me and would wake me simply by standing on me when it was time to get up.

This was the Kid’s first pet and it was so hard to see him have to say good bye. These two were fast friends and she went everywhere with him and trusted him completely. She loved him and always wanted to be around him. He loved her as well and love to tease her and play hide&seek with her.

She was born on 9/11/2004 and passed away to puppy heaven on the evening of 12/23/2013.

She is loved. And she will be missed. She is already missed.


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