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My how time does fly!

Wow! Has it really been four months since my last post? Things have been busy, for sure, but that is a little much, don’t ya think?

I am back to work and am already having a love/hate relationship with the new job. Still not the perfect role so as such, am still actively looking. Even willing to consider another state – heck! even another country – if the job was right. I am coming up on 30 years of working in the tech industry and am looking for more than just a paycheck… this time I want something that is going to satisfy me technologically. I’d love to get on board with a startup or a company that is trying out a tried and true tech in a novel way. I would even love to be in on some of the wearable technology that is on the horizon.

And the desire for the perfect role is just such a dichotomy of what I am doing now. Yes, folks, I am back to working (at least peripherally) on a mainframe application. I remember doing this way back in the late 80’s and was in shock over the last few years to see how many industries still depend on the mainframe: health care claims processing, tax return processing, medical records and banking… just to name a few that I’ve been involved with. There has just got to be a better way!

Some big moments for me personally in the last few months. My mother passed away in February and was buried next to my dad. Another act of ridiculous in terms of some of my siblings… I think that this means I finally have no need to have to interact with some of them ever again.

My baby graduated from high school and then turned 18 shortly after. It is still difficult to see him as anything than my “baby”, but it has been a journey not yet ended to see the wonderful young man that he is becoming. Wow… what a great Kid.

Finally gave up on the furniture refinishing and cleared out the garage. I kept one or two pieces that I want to do something personal with, but working full time sure cuts into time to spend on the hobby. Still working on the showcase dollhouse, slowly but surely, and hoping that it will fetch a nice chunk of money when done. I am cutting no corners and taking no shortcuts when it comes to the work to this piece. I just have to keep my momentum going so that this doesn’t just still halfway through.

The Kid is helping with the smaller details and extras that we hope to sell out of the back of the truck some weekend. 1:3 scale food items and clothing and miscellany, such as cutting boards, knife block, towels and pot holders. There is a whole big list. Food items include canned goods and jar foodstuffs and frozen food and dry goods. It is a good way to keep my hands busy while I am watching movies. You can keep up on those projects over at OnMyCreativeSide website.

Okay, should get back to it so that I can finish up and get out of here. I look forward to my evenings these days; will have to fill you all in on the circus that I am involved in now! Ha!

Thanks for dropping by. I promise to write more if you promise to come back.

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