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Trouble at Home?

Can there be anything more annoying that to get locked out of your email account? And not the usual ‘forgot my password’ or let the password expire, but because someone is thinking they have hacked the account and have the password, so in trying to log in, they lock the account out because of too many incorrect attempts?

Lets just say that I know of one person who used to know me well and that was a huge part of my life. Notice I said “used to” be a part of my life. But I have always suspected that whenever boredom sets in or frustration with the choices he made gets to be too much, this someone seems to show up peripherally in my life. Usually by way of attempting to log into my personal accounts (this one included) to the point that they get locked out by security measure.

A week or so ago, someone was successful in such a hack. Someone was able to figure out my email password and log in and change it. To the point that I had to lock it out and work with my email provider to get it re-established. Took over 24 hours. Do you know what it is like to lose access to your email account? When that is your primary source of information and conversation – not to mention that I am still job hunting – and suddenly not have access? Gah!

But I really thought that I had fixed the issue. But whoever this someone is, must have woke up this morning and out of boredom thought they would log into my account. Only the password has been changed (by me) and so a fixed number of attempts and viola! they lock out the account. Again!

A stream of profanities was spewed out all over the room, to the point where the sleeping dog next to me hightailed it to the other room. Talking to the dolt at the other end of the customer service number didn’t help. Granted, I suppose these guys talk to newbs and novices all the time, but his inability to hear what I was saying was infuriating that he wasn’t hearing what I was saying. And when he placed me on “hold” the phone line went dead. I don’t suppose he is going to call me back.

But I am not really mad at the support guy on the phone, I am made at this someone. And I mean to tell you, that if this someone doesn’t stop and leave me alone, I may have to be talking to this someone‘s wife… which I am sure will make this stop. At least I think it will.

Okay, first day of the Kid’s Spring Break and I am hoping that not only the day gets better, but the week follows suit.

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