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The View From The Front Door

I wanted to share with you the view from my front door. As autumn is seriously upon us now, the two trees we planted a decade ago in the front yard of our then brand new house have matured nicely. Its lovely to see every morning.

IMG_4392IMG_4393And amazingly, I am not too concerned about the leaves!


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My Human Eyes

I have had the darnedest changes with regard to my eyes. I have, generally speaking, pretty good eyesight. I didn’t wear any glasses until I was almost 30. Then it was a really light – and the same in both eyes – prescription for near nearsightedness.

For about ten years or so, the prescription changed just a few degrees every year. Just when I was thinking that my eyes were bad enough to be worried about making sure I had a ‘backup’ pair of glasses and my little guy (about age 5) started to wear glasses, the most amazing change happened. At first, I was quite worried and made an urgent appointment with my ‘eye guy’. As I started to explain, he jumped in and made an incorrect assumption that my eyes were much worse.

On the contrary, the big change with my eyes were for the better. And surprisingly, the improvement continued. In fact, for the first time, I could drive without wearing correction, although things were a little fuzzy when it came to reading a lot of words on a sign. This past summer, my optometrist announced that I would no longer need to wear corrective lenses for distance vision. However…

Yes, my days of wearing glasses driving or watching television and (the most important) computer work. But, (and isn’t the ‘but’ always the thing?) I needed some help on really close up work… and I encountered this with my recent resumption of needlework. In this case, cross stitch.

Friendship Pattern Cross StitchThis is the most recent piece I am working on and without adjustment, I can’t see it clearly enough to keep the stitches even and neat.

So, on a recent shopping trip, my last stop was Home Depot. And right at the self checkout, there was a display of ‘reading’ glasses. I picked up a pair and slipped them on and checked out small print. OMG! They were perfect!

IMG_4368No rims to get in the way. Short little lens so I can look over them to watch television, read the computer screen, talk to The Kid. Even more wonderful because I wasn’t looking for this in reading glasses, the ear pieces are flexible and über comfy! To top it all off, they were only about ten dollars! I could have tried to do this in a glasses store and never would have gotten close and probably spend more than a hundred dollars.

I. LOVE. THEM! And the do everything I need them to do. I don’t really even mind having people see me in them! Now the only – and last – challenge is to find at least one more pair just like them. And if I find more than that, they will all become mine! I am bad when it comes to glasses, reading or otherwise, and if I have multiples, I can leave one with the sewing machine, next to the bed for reading, another pair in the kitchen, etc. Hopefully, my eyes will stay this way for a little while!

Have you ever encountered the situation where your eye sight dramatically improved? This is so weird!


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Gotta Love My Kid!

I was experimenting with a new recipe the other day and made way too much. So, I put half into another baking pan and covered it with foil. I asked The Kid to get a post-it note and write today’s date and some other things on it, so we will know what it is and how long it has been in the freezer.


And this is what he handed me. Kids!


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Consistency Was Never My Strong Suit

At least when it comes to writing in this blog, I am really ‘hit or miss’. My other blog gets much, much more attention. But it is much more interesting as well.

I thought I’d write today as something has been on my mind. Isn’t it funny how you can be going along, life being just life, when something from the past sneaks up and throws you a curve?

Well something did just pop up out of nowhere. It actually started some days ago when a name from my past fluttered by in an email. Just an off hand, normal run-of-the-mill email. And suddenly, twenty five years just melted away and I was a young woman head over heels for a blonde haired, blue-eyed Irish boy.

My heart skipped a beat. Maybe two. It was a glorious feeling for someone who has felt so lousy lately. I was definitely looking for something to change my overall disappointing mood at being, once again, in the job hunt. Once again, pinching pennies and watching the dollars. Feeling older every day as the knees creak with every step and the only time I truly feel good is those first few moments in the morning before life comes slamming down.

Anyway, there were a few days there that I was walking a little lighter and feeling better. It is a good feeling.


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Women in Movies: Unrealistic Portrayals

I am on the mend from a migraine attack which has left me in the dark for the past 24 hours or so. As I recover, not only from the pain but the medication as well – I tend to have the television on, volume low. Something that when I have the strength and clarity, I can watch. I usually stream, how should I put this, movies that I don’t have to think about too hard.

For some reason, today I watched a movie simply because Tom Hanks was in it. I think it was part of a series, the whole Dan Brown set of books about ancient Rome. I didn’t read the books – God knows I have enough backlog of reading material just with my favorite author Stephen King – but I guess I didn’t realize when I started it, it was that series.

But that wasn’t what I started writing this post about. I really didn’t have the energy or concentration power to follow the story, the big thing that caught my attention is the three primary women characters in the movie. By the way, this is an action-thriller movie, just in case you didn’t know.

The three women, from beginning to end, run around and drive motorcycles and Über cars and climb stone walls and swim in a cistern while wearing tight and unrealistic clothing and heels. And not one inch heels, but teetering type heels. One character battles with a man in chest high water and never manages to lose even a single shoe nor mess her hairstyle. She essentially saves the world and never smudges her makeup.

Woman 2

Heels 2Why do directors do this? Even while the woman in the show is saving the world – or her lover or her children or government (read ‘House of Cards’) that look perfect. And I don’t mean because they save the world they look perfect, but rather while saving the world there isn’t a single hair out of place and she never wears tennis shoes and jeans or something more realistic.

Woman 1

Heels 1The men get dirty, rumpled, scratched, bloodied and bruised but that apparently isn’t allowed for the women characters. And they can run and crawl and falls down and get wet (and almost drowned) but they still come up looking perfect.

And the hair. I have long hair, and I know just how often it can get in the way. I wear it in a ponytail or braid almost all the time… but these women don’t. I don’t even see them tuck their hair behind their ears!

HAIRWhy does Hollywood insist on doing this? And why can’t I stop seeing this and just enjoy the movie?


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Following Up A Rough Week with Another Rough Week

Sometimes I think that someone in the universe has it out for me. Just about the time I get past the ‘blues’ and start feeling better mentally, then I get sick physically.

This all started with having eaten something bad, I think. You know what goes along with food poisoning and I won’t go it the gory details, you’ve probably all been there/done that. So, two days down with the works, followed by a very intense migraine with (now two) days of recovery. I call the days following a traditional migraine a “medication hangover”. I am hoping that by tomorrow, I should be well on the road to recovery and feeling more like myself.

Upside of this food poisoning is that I think I lost about 8 pounds! Gah. Yuck.

At least its almost Friday and the beginning of a long weekend. Not that I ever go anywhere on these long weekends; the crowds of people trying to do everything in those three days usually accompanied by too much alcohol and stress of trying to “relax” while still trying to do it all is just results in too much danger to be on the road. The Kid and I still wanted to try and hit Yellowstone National Park, but the weather app indicates that it is still only in the forties and they’re expecting snow today and possibly tomorrow.Yellowstone National Park sign at the North Entrance; Jim Peaco; October 1992

So maybe the weekend after next. Everyone will be safely back at work and the weather might creep up just enough to not be miserable. Just a few days away from this craziness I have been dealing with – job hunting, migraines and planning for the future – and just enjoy Mother Nature.YNP.jpegMaybe just kick back and hike a bit and get physically tired instead of so mentally exhausted all the time. And I get The Kid’s company, which I couldn’t ask for better.

Anyway, had a few minutes and thought I’d jot down a few notes. The dollhouse interior is about 99% and only have a few things to finish on the exterior before taking photos and putting it away. That project has been a long time overdue, that’s for sure. I think my Dad originally built it before The Kid was born, and I’d estimate that it was more than just one or two years… so overall, probably about 25 years or so, ago. Of course in my defense, he had in it Iowa and I was in California, so it originally went to my oldest sister for quite some time. Thankfully, she really didn’t do anything to the house – other than collect some furniture and pieces, so everything that has been done was my doing.

Yep, when my sister decided to move to Colorado, she “gave” the house back to my Dad and then finally, my parents drove to California with their van which gave them enough room to bring the house with them. And of course, I didn’t really do anything to the house either, other than, much like my sister, collect “stuff” for the house. And now that its almost finished, there is so much left over that I could probably furnish another house about the same size!!

So, if weather holds here in K.C., I want to take photos of the house this weekend. Sometime I want to put plexiglass doors across the back, which I hope helps keep it dust free and any little fingers from exploring. Maybe if I get really ambitious, I have been thinking about adding a “basement” and some landscaping. We’ll see. 🙂

Thanks for dropping by!


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This Is Turning Out to be a Rough Week…

I guess if I were to be absolutely honest, this has been a tough year so far. I kept the job hunting just far enough back in my head that all the failed interviews, telephone calls and a myriad of emails didn’t directly affect my day-to-day mood, but now that my unemployment has run out, everything seems to be right there. No getting around the fact that even though the unemployment check wasn’t bupkis in the grand scheme of things, the lack of it has been weighing heavily on my mind.

And having that hanging there has made my mood a bit darker and I get frustrated more easily. Not to mention that in the time that I have been off, I have gained like 30 pounds. And it wasn’t like I was skinny to begin with. This past year since the knee replacement surgeries, I seem to have become more and more sedentary. I think I have finally arrived at a place where I need to shit or get off the pot. The Kid and I walked around the neighborhood a little and I know I shouldn’t be, but was surprised to find that walking was stressing me. Not only were my knees screaming, I was winded making the final climb back to the house! This is so sad!

I made a promise on not starting any new projects until every project that I have started is completed. At the very least, I have to put a real dent in my unfinished projects. I have been working on the dollhouse that my Dad built me forever ago and am rounding the corner on completion. The Kid has been installing all the doors and their trim for me… its not joke, but working in such a small scale, is hard! The scale is 1:12, which mean for every foot in real life is equal to 1 inch for the dollhouse. So, if a room had a 9 foot ceiling, then in the dollhouse, the room would be 9 inches. And when you get down to things being six inches in real life – like a pencil – it is a half inch for the dollhouse. You gotta get crafty to make some of the stuff if you don’t want to buy it all done for you. Buying these miniatures can be costly too! The “leather” sofa and chair cost $75 and although you can’t actually by a real sofa and chair for that, it is a nice little spend when you know you’re never really going to be able to sit in it!

IMG_4081Anyway, while I wait for The Kid to do the doors, I can’t really start anything new, since I know if I do, the dollhouse will never get finished and it will sit quietly screaming that it is but one more unfinished project. I should have this thing done by the end of the week, I think. Of course I still have blog posts and pictures to do as well, but I am staying pretty much on top of that. Pretty much. 🙂

I seem to be sleeping a lot lately too. Sometimes I think that sleeping is just about the greatest invention ever. I got a great custom mattress while I was working the last job, and it is like sleeping on a cloud! Sometimes I want to figure out how to sleep more… that’s how much I enjoy it.

I suppose that’s it for today. Its funny though, whenever I feel a little bit down and I come out here and write for this post (and the other) I do seem to feel a little bit better. At this point, it could be that I am just tired and I know soon I will be asleep, but who knows.

Thanks for stopping by,



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Keep Your Hands off Our Internet!

Just got caught up with John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” in which I learned that the back stabbing ISPs are back to try and influence your choices online. This happened about five years ago and now that Trump is in the White House, this is is back on the table. Again.

So, take a few minutes and tell the FCC that you don’t want big business in your online activities. John Oliver’s team was kind enough to create a link to get you through the maze of pages on FCC’s website: and post a comment.

Here is an example of wording that will help you:

I support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of the ISPs.

And here is the episode online:

You can also find John Oliver’s weekly television show on HBO and online at HBOGO, Episode 11 (May 7, 2017).

Keep our internet free of government and big business interference!



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Airdrop: A Really Cool Mac Feature

Okay, this post may seem like a really stupid thing, but I just discovered this after struggling with taking photos with my iPhone and then trying to get them on my Mac to write blog posts.

Up to this morning, the easiest way (I thought) was to attach the photos to email drafts on my iPhone and save them, then go to my Mac and find the drafts and save the photos onto a folder that I could access while writing.

This worked well enough until it seemed I was trying to save too many (or too large) photos to the drafts and only about two or three were actually being saved in email. This became a real issue when I was taking – and using – between 15 and 20 photos. Way too many drafts and taking up way too much time.

So while trying to think of an easier way to achieve this, I selected the photo and then I touched this button on my iPhone.


And much to my surprise, the photo landed on my MacBookPro! It was so easy and so quick! How had I never known about this before? I had even asked The Kid about the best way to do this – he seems to know everything about computers – and even he didn’t know!

So, I wanted to share with everyone this amazing tool. I am probably going to take this computer to bed and explore it inside and out, that’s the course I have always loved to just try things as the approach to learning computers and it hasn’t let me down yet!

I hope this was helpful! Let me know in the comments!



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See America First, Then the Rest of the World

I will start this post off with the note that by the time I started ninth grade, I had gone to as many different schools as years. For some odd reason, we moved. A lot. And never very far, once the move constituted less than five miles. We always joked that my Dad had gypsy blood or some kind of wanderlust.

I still feel that way. I cannot seem to feel content to stay in any one place for long. I’ve done better than my father, but I also seem to have the itch to go somewhere.

On our last adventure – our recent trip to Moab, UT and Arches National Park – we started chatting about what was next. And the best way to fill in the open spots of our travels, it helps to have an accounting.

I found a simple black and white drawing of the U.S. and started filling them out. Purple states are those I have lived in, the dark purple is where I was born (Iowa). I also did this for The Kid. The blue states we’ve visited. White are those left to explore.

Mom States

Streets States

For the most part, I will be revisiting states with The Kid and am hoping that sometime this year we will try for Alaska. I am excited to see Denali National Park before Trump releases the drilling morons into that pristine landscape and the final frontier we still have left in America!



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